Cool Mac Tricks You Should Know


1. Show Full File Path In Finder

When I first moved from the Windows to the macOS system, the thing which frustrated me the most was its file organisation structure. I always knew where my files were on my Windows machine as I could categorise the files in different drives and folders. Since the Finder saves all the files in one drive and the only way you could organise files is by creating folders, it becomes confusing especially for the new users. Moreover, unlike Windows, there’s no file path shown in the Finder window which makes it harder to navigate.

1. no path

Fortunately, there’s a way using which you can the file path in the Finder window. To do that, open the Terminal app, copy and then paste the following command, and hit return/enter.

defaults write
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Cool Mac Keyboard Shortcuts


Apple’s keyboard shortcuts can make you more productive and efficient. Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for macOS.

Mac keyboard shortcuts that will enhance your productivity

Command + Tab

This key combination will allow you to cycle through open applications. Start by holding down the “command” key and pressing “tab” to cycle through applications. Each time you press the tab, it will switch to the next application in line.

Command + Spacebar

This shortcut opens the spotlight search and moves your cursor into the search bar. This is a great tool to help you quickly get to a buried file or folder.

Shift + Control + Power button

If you use multiple displays, this will be especially helpful, as this combination immediately puts all displays to sleep.

Command + Shift + G


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Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know


Sometimes we find some cool Tips & Tricks and reshare
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Many hardcore computer users might consider themselves above learning new tricks, but there are always new ways to sharpen your skills on the PC and we bet that you will find at least one useful thing here that you didn’t know before.

We’ve compiled some of the most handy computer tricks you should be taking advantage of. The ultimate goal is to help you become more productive by shaving valuable seconds off your workflow. Of course, you can always pass along these tips to your not-so-savvy friends and family members to help them become better PC users as well.

The original tips & tricks guide was published back in 2013...

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What to Do If You Were Scammed


Find out what to do if you paid someone you think is a scammer, gave them some personal information, or if they have access to your phone or computer.

Scammers can be very convincing. They call, email, and send us text messages trying to get our money or our sensitive personal information — like our Social Security number or account numbers. And they’re good at what they do. Here’s what to do if you paid someone you think is a scammer or gave them your personal information.

If You Paid a Scammer

Did you pay with a credit card or debit card? Contact the company or bank that issued the credit card or debit card...
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10 Things You Can Do To Avoid Fraud


Crooks use clever schemes to defraud millions of people every year. They often combine new technology with old tricks to get people to send money or give out personal information. Here are some practical tips to help you stay a step ahead.

  1. Spot imposters. Scammers often pretend to be someone you trust, like a government official, a family member, a charity, or a company you do business with. Don’t send money or give out personal information in response to an unexpected request — whether it comes as a text, a phone call, or an email.
  2. Do online searches. Type a company or product name into your favorite search engine with words like “review,” “complaint” or “scam.” Or search for a phrase that describes your situation, like “IRS call...
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