Windows 10 tips and tricks: Secret start menu, taking screenshots and more


1. Minimize all windows except the active one

If your desktop screen has gotten too crowded with open windows, you can quickly minimize them all except the one you are currently working in.

Just click the title bar of the window you want to remain open to select it. Then, hold the mouse down and move the window back and forth quickly — shaking it, essentially. After a couple of quick shakes, all other open windows will minimize, leaving only the one you’ve shaken open. Neat, huh?

2. Open the ‘secret’ Start menu

You know that to get to the Start menu, you hit the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen or on your keyboard. But Windows 10 includes a lesser-known second Start menu that makes accessing important features like the Command Prompt, the Control Panel and the Task Manager mu...

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Alexa vs Google Home market share


In less than a few years, smart speakers have conquered the market. In this article, we dive into the two most popular smart assistants of the moment: Amazon Alexa and Google Home. So far, who is winning this battle of voice assistants?

According to the Fing systems, Alexa is the market leader in terms of smart assistants. We can attribute its success to the first-mover advantage Amazon had by releasing its smart speakers before anyone else. In fact, Alexa was introduced from 4 to 17 months earlier concerning Google Home. At the same time, both Alexa and Google Home experience a peak in trend growth, followed by a slowdown due to the products’ maturity.

These two tools represent the two giants in the field and have been in the market since approximately 2016...

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21 Incredibly Interesting Internet Facts


Checking train times, booking restaurants, donating to friends’ fun runs – the Internet has long since moved from being a tool purely for work. It is a fact that the Internet has completely reshaped our lives, both at work and at home. We use the Internet every day to do so many different jobs that we can no longer imagine how we coped before. But the technology and the story behind this now vital everyday tool is amazing. Here are 21 fascinating internet facts that you probably didn’t even know.

  • The Internet was invented over 40 years ago, in a beer garden! Who says the best ideas don’t come over a drink!
  • Right now, 3.6 billion people are using the Internet – that’s over half the world’s population connected to the world wide web just like you are.
  • It may seem like only ...
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How devices affect your network performance


Everything can connect to your WiFi network in the everyday world – from computers and mobile phones to your kitchen tools. The increase in the number of devices connected can cause congestion in your internet connection signal, especially when most tools are accessing the internet at the same time. This is because devices share the same bandwidth, and every single one decreases it by a portion. Besides, situations like this aren’t only determined by the increasing number of tools and how old those devices are. This article will go into further details regarding how devices can affect your network performance and which device characteristics to look out for.

What to pay attention to

It is commonly known that wired networks are much stronger than wireless ones...

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How to celebrate birthdays virtually to not break social gathering rules


The second wave of Covid-19 has officially hit, as cases increase around the whole world. However, the holiday season is also approaching quickly, and many people wonder if they will enjoy celebrations. Since the pandemic has put all of our lives on hold, we can expect a very different holiday season than what we are used to. Indeed, big parties, get-togethers and real-life physical contact will certainly not be allowed. That is why, in this article, we will be sharing some of the best options to enjoy your time with family and friends online instead than in real life.

 Virtual celebrations

First and foremost, keep in mind that there are many options online to brighten someone’s birthday or congratulate them for their accomplishments without having to meet them...

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What there is to know about WiFi Hotspots


Whenever you have logged into a public WiFi network, the chances are that you connected your device to a WiFi hotspot. This type of connection is very beneficial since you don’t use your private data connection, and the signal is generally quite good. In fact, hotspots are becoming more and more popular as they are being introduced in public infrastructures as something indispensable.

What do you know about WiFi hotspots? Let’s dive into some of the basics regarding this topic, such as what a hotspot is and its types.

What is a hotspot

Hotspots are public internet access points, or spots, that allow people in their nearby to connect to a WiFi network. They require a wireless local area network, or WLAN, with a router connected to an ISP, or Internet Service Provider...

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How to be protected against phishing


Nowadays, the likelihood is subjected to phishing keeps increasing with the expansion of internet usage for everyday life activities, such as shopping and online banking. Anyone who regularly uses emails can be targeted by phishing scammers as one of the most common phishing activity is to emulate your bank account emails in order to obtain your data. However, this is not the only possibility. Keep reading our blog post in order to discover more about phishing and learn how to avoid being scammed.

What is phishing

The term phishing refers to the attempt of obtaining sensitive data, like passwords and credit card information, by pretending to be a trusty entity, like your internet service provider or your bank.

Generally, the phishing alert you will receive will state an issue with your acc...

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Is Public WiFi Safe?


Accessing the internet when you are in the comfort of your own home isn’t a problem. Indeed, you know it is a safe connection as it is password protected and you know who is connected to it. On the contrary, when you connect to a public WiFi, many risks can occur as you don’t know who set up the network and what data of yours is being collected. As more and more places are offering a public connection, it is important to define what is generally secure and what, on the other hand, is clearly fishy. So, keep reading to learn our tips on what to do when using a public internet network.

Stick to known networks

Since nowadays there is a large number of open WiFi networks, especially in big cities, it is common sense to use the ones that are related to known brands or places, such as coffee...

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Cool Mac Tricks You Should Know


1. Show Full File Path In Finder

When I first moved from the Windows to the macOS system, the thing which frustrated me the most was its file organisation structure. I always knew where my files were on my Windows machine as I could categorise the files in different drives and folders. Since the Finder saves all the files in one drive and the only way you could organise files is by creating folders, it becomes confusing especially for the new users. Moreover, unlike Windows, there’s no file path shown in the Finder window which makes it harder to navigate.

1. no path

Fortunately, there’s a way using which you can the file path in the Finder window. To do that, open the Terminal app, copy and then paste the following command, and hit return/enter.

defaults write
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Cool Mac Keyboard Shortcuts


Apple’s keyboard shortcuts can make you more productive and efficient. Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for macOS.

Mac keyboard shortcuts that will enhance your productivity

Command + Tab

This key combination will allow you to cycle through open applications. Start by holding down the “command” key and pressing “tab” to cycle through applications. Each time you press the tab, it will switch to the next application in line.

Command + Spacebar

This shortcut opens the spotlight search and moves your cursor into the search bar. This is a great tool to help you quickly get to a buried file or folder.

Shift + Control + Power button

If you use multiple displays, this will be especially helpful, as this combination immediately puts all displays to sleep.

Command + Shift + G


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